While practicing beekeeping, sericulture and agriculture, she explores the possibilities of the future by exploring life with different species and the spirit of coexistence before anthropocentrism. She mainly uses natural objects in her installations.






Tokyo Kenji Steiner School, Japan

L'Anbiente Palazzo Spinelli, Gappone
​Institut for Art and Restauration, Japan

Freiesjugendseminar Stuttgart, Germany

Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan

​Bachelor of Inter-Media Art

Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan

Master of Inter-Media Art




2011     "Der Stoff aus dem die Träume sind" (Freies Jugendseminar/Stuttgart, Germany)

2017   "Dreaming 2074"(The University Museum Art/Tokyo, Japan)

     "During unrequited love"(Ueno BreakStationGallery/Tokyo, Japan)

​2018   "The 66th Graduation Works Exhibition" (Tokyo University of the Arts/Tokyo, Japan)

      "BURAMACHIART2018 HiroshimaTakehara Art Festival"(Takehara Historical Heritage/Hiroshima)

           "CAF(Contemporary Art Foundation)  Award2018"(HILLSIDE TERRACE/Tokyo)

2020    "ATLAS2020" (Tokyo University of the Arts/Tokyo, Japan)


2017  “Dreaming 2074” Competition The Comité Colbert


2018    "BURAMACHIART2018" Aorenga prize

​             "CAF(Contemporary Art Foundation)  Award2018" Final