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Accumulated Sleep

Moss, Soil, Mixedmedia

Accumulated sleep

Since 2019, I have moved to a 150-year-old house in the mountains of Hinohara Village, Tokyo.When you're in the mountains, you'll meet mossy rocks and stones. It is said that the soul dwells in the rocks, when confronted with those rocks, they were originally living things, and they seemed to sleep quietly and exist there while keeping a small amount of heat.

I am now alive and living here on the sign of those who have gone before us ancestors and the accumulation of other sleeps.


Attempt to store works in the forest

Regarding this work, I am trying to experimentally set up the work in the mountains and store the work at the same time. For moss, which is the main material, the environment in the mountains is the best environment for growth, and I think that the work can continue to exist while changing for a long time in a way that does not go against the providence of nature.

Accumulated sleep






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