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霧を縫う Sew the Haze

2022 Installation



Since ancient times, humans have shared their lives with different species of living things. By living together, they were the link to each other's lives.

Sericulture, which has been lost in modern times, was an important industry that supported Japan's modernization. People called the insects " Okosama," and each family raised them with great care. What was it like to raise a large number of insects and live together in the same house? This work, "Sew the Haze" is centered on the artist's grandmother's childhood memory of an "grandmother spitting threads," and consists of a video in which the artist recreates that memory, a kimono made by her great-great-grandmother, cocoons grown by the artist herself, and an installation made of raw silk. The work brings to light lost lives and sensations, and explores the possibilities of future relationships.


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